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Document Drafting - Family Law
Summons and Complaint Interrogatory and Document Requests Answering Discovery Motions Briefs Child Support Calculation Child Support and Parenting Time Trial Preparation Legal Research Scheduling Depositions Scheduling Hearings Docketing Filing Documents Electronically Parenting Time Schedules Asset and Debt Spreadsheets Scheduling Mediations

Criminal Law
Legal Research Indigent Contract Cases Motions Briefs Expungements Trial Preparation, Restoration of Firearms Driver's License Restoration Scheduling Hearings Docketing Filing Documents Electronically Drafting Discovery Demands

Discovery & Legal Research
Drafting Interrogatories and Requests for Production of Documents Drafting Answers to Interrogatories and Requests for Production of Documents Contacting the client to prepare for answering discovery Motion to Compel Notice of Hearings Certificate of Service Scheduling Hearing with the Court Electronic Filing Mailing copies to opposing counsel

Deposition Summary Services
Request copies of hearing or trial transcripts Request copies of the deposition transcripts Provide a detailed summary of the trial or deposition transcript

Medical summary services & Medical records request
We retrieve medical records Perform a review of the records Outline the pertinent information and Prepare a professional documented summary for purposes of litigation Draft Medical Authorizations Draft correspondence to client for signature of authorization Draft correspondence to medical facility enclosing the authorization and requesting copies of the medical records Preparation of a spreadsheet which is used to track what records have or have not been received

Last will and testament & Probate
Drafting probate documents, including Letters of Administration, Letters of Testamentary, Inventory and Appraisals, Notice of Appointment, Oaths, Orders, and any other documents relating to administering the probate. Preparing spreadsheets for inventory and asset management.

Veteran's Administration Benefits
Experience using the Veteran's Application Non-Service Connected Forms - provided by your firm Collecting and maintaining information on assets and debts from your client Compiling asset and debt information into accounting spreadsheets Research assets and debts of clients - research tools to be provided by your firm Drafting Checklists for eligibility Drafting correspondence and communicate with client regarding necessary documents needed to prove eligibility Request Military Record
8275 S. Eastern Ave. Nevada
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