Molly Zelvonberger

CEO & Founder


A highly astute paralegal who takes charge of cases and ensures they are kept moving with a purpose’, I have particular experience in divorce and matrimonial finances, often involving complex business matters.

As Paralegals, we are able to conduct factual research, summarize electronically stored information (ESI), draft legal documents, work with clients and manage cases.

Just to point out, paralegals play a key role in the efficiency of a law firm. They can free up your time, allowing you the opportunity to increase your caseload, while permitting associates and partners to focus on complex legal work and client interaction.

Molly Zelvonberger LLC corporate office. It is located in Las Vegas, NV, United States.

We combine expertise with exceptional care and empathy, delivered locally to you. Family law is not all we do, so whatever your situation, it will be familiar to us.

We have partnered with Lawyer.com, they provide a targeted experience for customers urgently needing a qualified and interested lawyer. With 10+ years of working experience and technology development.

With a genuine focus on client care.

Need Legal Advice?  No Win, No Fee.

Consultation are always free.

Over the years, we have partnered with other brands, these are a few but not limited to. ‘LendingTree’ NMLS #1136, Verdict Search, Nolo Publishing, Decision Quest and ALM intelligence. We publish a large amount of their information on our blog. So, always check in.

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