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August 29, 20220

A proposal, introduced in a memo seeking legislative support last week in an effort to amend the Pennsylvania Vehicle Code, comes days after a state appellate court ruled that police may pull a person over if any part of their license plate is blocked. The only area where identifiable information must be visible.  That includes letters and numbers, the state’s official tourism website —license plates that are so damn dirty that the numbers and letters are illegible from a “reasonable distance.

Senator Scott Martin is a lifelong Lancaster County resident quotes, “Surely, it is not their intent to criminalize hundreds of thousands of Pennsylvania drivers, but rather a call to the Legislature to now perform its responsibility and better clarify language in the statute.

The existing law: Pennsylvania Gerneral Assembly-Title 75

The article entitled, State lawmaker proposes clarifying law to avoid criminalizing ‘hundreds of thousands of Pennsylvania drivers’ written by Marley Parish. Source,

PDF Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Vs. Derrick Ruffin

Another Article shedding light on the issue entitled: Pennsylvania court rules drivers can be pulled over if any details on a license plate are covered Source,

Last year, more than 5,500 people received a summons for license plate obstruction from the MTA and New York State Police. Fines range from $50 to $300 for purposefully covering a license plate to avoid paying tolls. This includes bending the plates or installing a plastic cover. Source, MTA, law enforcement announces crackdown on obstructed license plates, toll evasion. 2022 May 20. Gothamist.  [Accessed 2022 Aug 29].

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