Law | Daily LifeRecord numbers of voluntary resignations across all industries

August 3, 20220

Many are saying good-bye to industries that has eaten most of their lives, and quality time with family. Within many companies’ advancement seem to wither away as the years go by. With many looking for a future when the writing on the wall says there just might not be a future. Take for example the new warning about Nuclear preparedness


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  1. The Federal Aviation Administration is worried about a new, 5G upgrade scheduled. June 17th, 2022
  2. Red Tape Created A Critical Airline Pilot Shortage BY: JOHN R. LOTT, JR. JULY 13, 2022
  3. Nearly 17,000 Southwest employees sign up for buyouts, voluntary leave as furlough threat looms By Leslie Josephs JUL 20 20201:25 PM EDTUPDATED TUE, JUL 21 20205:58 PM EDT
  4. Jeff Deist & Joshua Yoder: The Airline Crisis – A Neighbor’s Choice June 23 2022
  5. Why Hundreds of New York City Prosecutors Are Leaving Their Jobs By Jonah E. Bromwich April 3 2022

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